Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First Week

As of today I weigh 255 pounds. I am 24 years old, and am looking to really start living! I have been on Weight Watchers for one week. I have lost 1.8 pounds so far. Though I know I have a lot to loose, I know it isn’t going to happen fast. This is my effort to be consistent and make healthy eating a part of my everyday life style. I hope to share my stories with anyone who might be in the same boat (if you are then we would be sinking pretty fast!! hehe J ).

This weight, though it is not representative of who I am, has held me back over the last six years. This is a recent picture of me, and I plan on posting more, hopefully at every 20 pounds or so. I will also in the future post some skinny photos so that you can see what I looked like before this mess!

I also have a very fast paced fun life. I travel every week through my job, and experience new adventures all the time. I am a National Recruiter for a great university! With my job I am able to travel all over the states. What triggered this journey was and awesome opportunity to go to Hawaii for a teachers conference. Who wants to see a fat girl in a bathing suit on the beach? I, for one, don’t. I am aware that I am not going to reach my goals by this trip in January, but anything I can do between now and then to knock off the weight (in a healthy manor) I am game. Along with my weight loss journey, I would like to share my adventures through my blog as well.

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