Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Advantages of Having a Little Sister!

Ah.....my pride and joy! Rachael Nicole is my wonderful 13 y/o sister. She is the only thing I ever brag about. In fact I think she is a little-me! The scary part is that she looks up to me. She loves the things that I like, and listens to every word I say! Though I can't say that I am a bad example, I do have to be careful about how present myself when I am with her. Needless to say anytime we are together, she gives me a chance to "geek-out". We both are Jason Mraz fans, and this past Friday we went to one of his concerts. I have been to many, but this was Rachael's first Jason experience! Since Jason was in his home town, he did an awesome acoustic show, with a really long set! If you have not listen to much Jason Mraz than what is on the radio I suggest you purchase a live album of him, this is when he is at his best! He played all but one song that we wanted to hear, and I ended up with a set list from the stage! Ah....what an adventure, thanks for letting me share it!

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