Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh Brother....Part 2

Remeber that evil little boy who used to beat me up and call me names? The one I told you about? Yeah, my big brother (by big I really mean big, the dude is 6'5!). Well I was very suprised with him. We had a blast! We talked (drank) til long hours into the night while I was at his house. No matter how long we spend apart, we still have the same taste in everything! We talked music, movies, comedy acts! His wife April, is a great cook, and a food pusher, but I didn't mind. All this to say, I had no reason to be nervous. Infact I will be planning trips back there soon! (Brother and Wife in picture)
P.S. Check the weigh in stats on your right-----> I lost 3.6! Eat that turkey day! Even with a food pusher around I can still do well!

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