Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Work-out, Work-in?

All this talk about "shred" and "c25k" and "hula hoops." Where does it end, and where do I start? I have done very well the past two weeks to get used to eating healthy. Drinking all my water, eating all my veggies, and getting in healthy oils and such. But the eating part was never completely the problem...being lazy was!

I have been reading others blogs about their work out strategy's and I am very inspired. I even went to the gym today and did some great stuff. The gym said "Hello, we have never been properly introduced! I am here to kick your butt!" That is exactly what I need, a good swift kick in the butt! Was it enough, should I have pushed myself harder? I want to be fit AND healthy. I mean Hawaii is calling my name, and I need to do something to work down this weight. Anyone have any starter tips? For the first time in my life I am willing to do the work! I am praying that the motivation stays up!

P.S. Thanks for those of you who have commented/followed! It really helps to know someone might be reading....I will be reading your blogs as well!!


Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

I joined the YMCA over the summer and I did a decent job for awhile going 2-3 days a week and doing the elliptical (which is great for beginners, btw). As soon as winter hit though I got lazy and didn't want to go outside because it is dark and cold.
I read about the Shred on the WW boards and thought I would give it a try (mostly because everyone was making such a big deal about how much they hurt and I wanted to prove to them it wasn't as bad as they said)
The 30 Day Shred is a video by Jillian from Biggest Loser. It's a 20 minute "balls out" strength, cardio and abs workout. I'm not gonna lie, I thought I might die the first two days, but I kept at it and it wasn't nearly as bad on Day 3. I actually feel stronger and firmer already.
Keep us posted on what type of exercise you are able to work in :-)

Beautiful Mess said...

Ashley, that eliptical is a-killin me! Good for beginners? what in boot camp?!! I did a little the first day and a lot more today...I think it is a great work out and I will stick with it! Thanks!

Anonymous said...
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